A different kind of activist

Activist Awakening -> PT is challenging the current status Perhaps one of the positive elements of the recent change and unrest is that people are realizing they can no longer be complacent. The vast majority of people in the survey said they are overwhelmed by the changes that are happening. But nearly 75% of those […]

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Wie Millenials die Zukunft der Politik beeinflussen

Millennials are primed to become the key decision makers for those trends that will soon define our current century. This is the curse and the blessing of living in interesting times. And it is both this curse and blessing that will see millennials leading the world out of the age of scarcity and into the […]

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Rooftop gardening

Welcome to 2030. I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, and Life Has Never Been Better This article is part of the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils. For more information watch the What If: Privacy Becomes a Luxury Good? session from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2017. Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome […]

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Cities of the future

It is an idea at once audacious and simplistic, a seeming impossibility that is now technologically within reach: cities floating in international waters — independent, self-sustaining nation-states at sea. Long the stuff of science fiction, so-called “seasteading” has in recent years matured from pure fantasy into something approaching reality, and there are now companies, academics, […]

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