Project of the Month: Boxrs4ALL

“It is our duty to do something!” Two young boys from the Netherlands have founded recently Boxrs4ALL. Their project is about to supply everyone in the world with clean and sufficient underwear.  In Africa a lot of boys do not wear underwear, because it is not affordable to them. Effects like infections and sexual dysfunctions can happen/follow, if you do not wear any underwear. So it is really necessary to make this improvements, especially for these African boys.


What is your name?

My name is Thom Uildriks, the name of my business partner is Spijk Geene.

Could you present yourself in a few words, please?

I (Thom) am a 17 year old high school student from the Netherlands. I love to play tennis and I am passionate about entrepreneurship.
 Spijk is 18 years old and is currently attending the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch. He’s very creative and plays football at a local club.

Which project do you initialise?

Together Spijk and I founded Boxrs4ALL.

Describe your project!

Boxrs4ALL is a boxer short label where we strive for things that are far greater than profit. Our goal is to supply everyone in the world with clean and sufficient underwear. For every boxer short we sell on the Dutch/European/Western market, we also give one away to someone who needs it in Tanzania/Africa.

Why did you start this project?

In June 2015 we travelled to Tanzania with our school. There, we noticed that a lot of boys of our age didn’t wear any underwear. At first, it was hard to talk to them about this, but after some time we were able to ask them why they didn’t wear it. Their answer was very simple: they just couldn’t afford it.

Once we got back to our home country the ,Netherlands, we started doing some research on this issue. We found that many more travellers like us had seen this problem and we also became aware of the effects of not wearing underwear are the following:

-          Can lead to infections: Especially in Africa where people are exposed to hot temperatures and hard, physical work. That combination leads to sweat in the crotch area. That moist spot is a prime growing place for bacteria and, in combination with a wound, can easily lead to infections. Underwear makes that sweat evaporate more easily.

-          Can cause sexual dysfunctions: In Africa, most of the men are circumcised. when the circumcised genitals come in touch with rough jeans (or normal pants), dysfunctions can appear. A boxer short is much softer than regular pants and will thus decrease the risk for sexual dysfunctions.

Having seen this ‘underwearshortage’ with our own pair of eyes, Spijk and I felt that it was our job and our duty to do something about it. So we started Boxrs4ALL.

How did you get in touch with ProjectTogether?

I met Noah Schöppl at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg. We were both winners of the business pitch competition.

What is the purpose of the project in the future?

We aim to create the 4ALL – brand. We want to do the same things with socks, lingerie, books etc. Whatever is needed.

Have you already had success?

We haven’t sold anything yet since we’re still in the startup phase. We have however had some attention in Dutch newspapers and news sites, meaning that people appreciate our startup and idea.

Have you already had some obstacles?

We’re finding it rather hard to manufacture a perfect prototype. We’re also two young guys who are inexperienced in doing business. We learn a lot by just doing, but can always do with the help of experienced entrepreneurs